DIY Collins - Cocktails for a Crowd
classic Tom Collins. Set up a drink-making station with fresh citrus, a variety of herb-infused simple DIY Collins - Cocktails for a Crowd combinations as they mix and match ingredients. DIY Collins Makes one 8-ounce drink 1 1/2 ounces Copper Run collins. Try grapefruit, oranges, lemons, and limes for the citrus paired with rosemary, thyme
Cocktails on the Farm (a Ladies' Cocktail Night at Urban Roots)
a different concept/technique: 1) DIY Collins Ladies built their own collins--using white rum Collins bar here. 2) You're Going to Shrub This Ladies had the chance to craft two shrub-based
Roasted Grape Gin Fizz
is best served in a chilled glass, so place an 8-ounce coupe, fizz or collins glass in the freezer roasted grapes and strained out some for a gin collins. I really enjoyed flavor, but wanted to
Beet Shrub & Beet Lemon Whiskey Cocktail
about flavor. The menu features variations of a rum collins with citrus and herbs, two cocktails made
A Few Favorites: 2015
of the season. I loved putting together this DIY Collins spread using fresh herbs and citrus fruits
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