Hi, welcome to Chase the Flavors. My name is Mallory Roth and this site is where I share seasonal recipes for savory dishes, sweets and cocktails. I started Chase the Flavors at the beginning of 2015 as a way to explore flavors and techniques new-to-me through an established love of cooking and beverage-making.

The recipes on Chase the Flavors balance using fresh, colorful seasonal ingredients and creating satisfying, comforting experiences. They also champion make-it-work techniques, finding inspiration in farmers market hauls and using whatever ingredients are overflowing the pantry. 

Chase the Flavors is all about making the most of seasonal flavors, finding resourceful best practices, enjoying time spent in the kitchen/bar and creating handmade recipes to share with the ones you love. It's for me an adventure in developing better culinary practices and enhancing the experiences I have with flavor, sharing recipes along the way, here and in person with the ones I love. It's a place to chase delicious perfection and learn a whole lot along the way. Cheers to the journey. May your kitchen be a space full of memorable successes, shared joy, laughter, and gratefulness. Thank you for stopping by. I hope you'll say hello by dropping me a line or sending me a message